What's Going On?
On this page you will find out what exciting things are happening within our little shop

It's at this time of the year that most people will start to make their Christmas cakes and/or treats!! 

So our master chef (Miller), decided to gather his two sous-chef's and make his first christmas cake of the year.

He called for his first sous-chef David (Miller's grandson). Who arrived with speed and a big smile on his face.

However due to certain circumstances Sophia (Miller's granddaughter and second sous-chef) was unavailable at that time (she was sleeping). David nevertheless promoted her to chief cake tester.

With his sous-chef close behind him,  Miller got his recipe book (available in store) out. Both Miller and David decided to make Granny Reid's Simply Delicious Christmas Cake.
They gathered all the relevant ingredients needed.

It was time to start measuring, weighing, mixing and blending all the dry ingredients.

Sophia woke up, just in time to help David with the quality testing behind the master chef's back.  
However instead of cooking she wanted to play with Miller's dogs

It was time to start the measuring, weighing, mixing and blending off all the wet ingredients.

I could hear a lot of singing and humming going on at one point. I'm afraid that I am unsure if it was from Sophia, David or Miller.

It was time to start the measuring, weighing, mixing and blending both the wet and dry ingredients together.

Sophia decided she needed to keep a close eye on this stage. 

The cake batter was put into a tin and then went into the oven.

Due to ovens being very hot everyone decided that the best idea would be to get a grownup/fireman to put the cake into the oven.

A few hours later the grownup/fireman bravely took the cake out the oven.

At this time it was passed David and Sophia's nap time. So when they woke up they were able to sample Granny Reid's Simply Delicious Christmas Cake.